Thursday, March 24, 2005


On behalf of the Officers, member churches and colleagues of the UELCI we greet and wish you all a very happy Easter. Once again we have this opportunity to reflect on the message of Easter. The death and resurrection of our Lord constantly reaffirms the fact that God is and continues to be the source of all life. Therefore life affirming spirituality and faith is reinforced through the Easter message. The risen Lord wants to meet us in the Garden, the Upper room and at the Beach to reaffirm life.

The past three months, we as churches have been deeply and intensively engaged in issues of life working with the Tsunami affected communities. These communities who have survived the disaster also carry with them a sense of hopelessness, rejection and loneliness. The recent book Meeting God in the Ruins by the ELCA speaks of meeting God in the loss, grief, despair and hopelessness. There is no Easter without Good Friday. Where there is a Good Friday, there is a promise of Easter. Where there was the destruction and devastation, death and agony: there is this promise of life and hope.

When we think of Easter may be we can transform this statement and affirm that we are meeting God in hope. We hope that the victims of this disaster will be met by the Risen God, giving them hope so that their lives may be reconstructed, their livelihoods restored and their homes rebuilt. In this context Easter brings a very special message. The risen presence of our Lord always transforms.

We also hope that our lives, our churches and our Communion will be transformed and that we will continue to be the physical sign of Gods love, grace and hope for the people who need it.

May the risen Lord continue to accompany us in this long faith journey in which we constantly seek new meanings and relevance!


Rt. Rev. L. G. Rao
President, UELCI

Rev. Chandran Paul Martin
Executive Secretary, UELCI